Sound Therapy


Some of the Antique Himalayan Singing Bowls I Use For Sound Therapy

Sound can be an effective therapeutic tool to help bring you into a deep state of relaxation before we start your bodywork. To achieve this, I place a number of carefully chosen Himalayan singing bowls in the space around you as you lay on the table, and then play these (and sometimes other instruments) to create an immersive and peaceful, 10-15 minutes long sound experience. In addition to the near-ethereal, musical harmonies they produce, these unique instruments emit palpable, relaxation-inducing delta and theta waves that wash over you as you lay still. If you've never experienced this before, I highly recommend it! There is a nominal $10 setup fee for this add-on, and you need only let me know prior to your session if you'd like to include it. Upon request, I can also offer a much longer sound experience with or without a massage included.

"Simplicity is the secret of well-being."

– Unknown